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Accidentally removed "/usr/bin/solc" after installation, now no command work

/usr/bin/solc is a normal UNIX binary in a normal path. You installed solc somehow and you can get this binary again by simply reinstalling.
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Brownie <> SolcInstallationError, I've tried everything I can find -- nothing has worked!

I had the same issue, and i solved it by downloading visual studio 2017 build tools + running install_deps.bat ...
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Importing files from an "outside" folder

It is clearer in the post v0.5 documentation where it says: things like import "/etc/passwd"; only work if you add /=/ as a remapping This solves the access problem because the side effect of ...
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Getting different binary for the same Solidity source code compiling with solc and Remix

It's just the metadata part of the bytecode that is different. Contracts compiled with solidity all have a metadata part at the end of the bytecode:
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Error: missing revert data when deploying Solidity contract with ethers.js and Ganache

This problem took like 1;30 hrs of mine. The problem is in the compilation of the code, try to compile the code again like in remix we used to when we made even a single change in the code. Try this: ...
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