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Apologies all - I had simply failed to fund the faucet correctly before executing the withdraw function (i.e. the initial transfer from MetaMask had not confirmed)


Make sure that you are providing some withdraw_amount in the Value datafield in Remix IDE. By default it has value as 0. Consider this answer for your reference. Let me know if the problem still persists. Edited solution: I've find out the error you are facing. When you're running this contract, you ...


If Etherscan doesn't identify your contract as an ERC20 token it may be that there are no transfers. As well as viewing from the address URL: You can view from the token URL:


Parameters gas and gasLimit are the same. Parameter gasPrice has nothing to do with your question. The gas for a transaction depends on what's being executed. If you are transferring ether to an externally-owned account, then it will be 21,000. If you are calling a smart-contract function (which includes transferring ether to a smart-contract), then it ...

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