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The difference is in the input. You pay a fee for every byte in the input data. Zero bytes are cheaper. First tx has a zero byte d1cde79209c0d871e6bb93c58344007991a382ee75fc0e4b016486be3c195595 Second doesn't d494db4db43f7d40fc919665c4935441e05a2fac218738a2e1e217afaaaeb1e7 From Yellow paper Appendix G "Fee Schedule" Gtxdatazero, 4, Paid for every ...


Infura is a public hosted node. It has no way to unlock your local accounts. Even if there was a way, it would be a security risk because anyone can connect to the same node and transfer your funds. In order to send a transaction over Infura you will need to sign the transaction locally using web3.eth.sendRawTransaction(). The following example is from the ...

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