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Ropsten is finicky, and thus the Chainlink core doesn't support it. Chainlink is much more compatible with the Kovan network with lots of user guides. It's suggested to use Kovan testnet in place of ropsten, where you will get the link token for sure. You can find all the latest faucets and supported chains for Chainlink here.


OK, I got it. It's a geth bug. A new release is published to fix it.


You do not need to have this done by others for you. You can deploy any ERC-20 token yourself on the testnet and cal it WBTC.


You need to provide your private key your hardhat.config.js file instead of your public key/address. module.exports = { solidity: "0.8.4", paths: { artifacts: './client/src/artifacts' }, networks: { hardhat: { chainId: 1337 }, ropsten: { url: "

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