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Minergate issues, Windows 10, 6x RX580 GPU, TB250-BTC MB

This sounds like a riser issue. Try rotating risers or trying different riser cables. It may fix the issue. Because this is a cross-OS persistent issue, it screams hardware or bios. I'd try updating ...
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EthOS mining rig stops working after adding RX 560 GPU and only work with one brand of GPU

EthOS does not support both AMD and NVIDIA cards on the same rig. It never will. As far as I'm aware, none of the linus or ubuntu builds do. Windows 10 supports up to 8 of both, but usually with a ...
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How much hashrate is rquired to generate 1 ETH in two days

Ethereum has transitioned proof-of-stake, so you cannot mine anymore.
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Relation between GPU specifications and Hash-rate?

It looks like you just started using miner 2; if your local miner gives you a hash rate, you should believe that value over the dashboard for at least a few hours. There aren't enough data points for ...
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Depreciation of mining rig every year?

I've been GPU mining for over a year with multiple rigs using a variety of cards from RX 470s to GTX 1070ti. I have not noticed a depreciation in performance over the year. Performance in this case ...
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Eth Miner: Buy or Build?

Pre-built miners will already be nearing end-of-life, and end-of-profitability. Basically, any smart miner will use up most the profits on a mining rig, and then sell it right before it is useless, in ...
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Can my rig setup guy somehow cheat me and transfer some of the mining cash to his wallet?

Yes, he can cheat. To figure this out, do the following: Review the configuration file of the miner (ask the guy to show it to you). Make sure all addresses their are yours. Make sure that there are ...
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Is 1080Ti good for mining ETH?

Not any better than GTX1070. It's because it's 1080 is DDR5X, different processing speed or something iirc. I'd suggest getting a GTX1070 for price/MHs. I last heard 1080 gets 25-27MH/s overclocked. ...
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Mining Rig with old motherboard with RX470 + Intel Core 2 Duo

I tried it and here's what I found out: Unfortunately the motherboard wouldn't work with the GPU and the powersupply that came with it was proprietary (Dell) and couldn't be used with any other ...
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How can my Rig slow down that much in short period?

This is normal and due to the mining difficulty rising in response to the additional hashpower being pointed at Ethereum. As Ethereum becomes more and more profitable to mine, the additional miners ...
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Can you mine with 2GB cards or less? Thinking about the DAG issues

The minimum card is is 2 GB at the moment. From What is the current DAG size? When do we expect to hit GPU limits?, this limit may be exceeded around mid-Dec 2016, a little more than 1 month away. ...
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What does affect Mining Rig performance?

Perfs are almost identical but your ROI will be much better with Ubuntu as it's a free OS. I assume you won't run Windows without a license. Personally I prefer Linux as it's much more easy to setup ...
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