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10 votes

How can I recover or reset a lost wallet password?

pyethrecover is well documented, This is a tool for those of you who've somehow lost your Ethereum wallet password. pyethrecover is a library for brute forcing your wallet with a list of passwords ...
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7 votes

During ECDSA signing, how do I generate the Recovery ID?

I never found any proper documentation about the Recovery ID but I did talk with somebody on Reddit and they gave me my answer: id = y1 & 1; // Where (x1,y1) = k x G; if (s > curve.n / 2) id = ...
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6 votes

How to access funds if the private key is blurred out?

When you mouseover the blurred private key code, the QR code sharpens (helps with security preventing shoulder-surfing, it seems). And if you print the page, the CSS of the page modifies itself to un-...
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5 votes

How can I recover or reset a lost wallet password?

I would like to share my experience. I had forgotten my passphrase for my presale wallet, and was spending months to develop multiple passphrases to unlock it to no avail. I checked a couple of ...
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4 votes

Which password is required to unlock my accounts?

this is the password you got asked to enter twice when you created your account with geth account new see the documentation, you entered this password twice : $ geth account new Your new account is ...
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4 votes

How to prove someone has stolen my ether?

Blockchain is meant to be a trustless system. By that I mean that you don't NEED to trust anyone to run your business on blockchain. You introduced trust when you asked your co-worker to create an ...
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4 votes

Recovering ETH after sending to wrong address

If the contract did not initially include the possibility of sending Ether from it to some address, then the funds that came to it cannot be withdrawn (in public Ethereum). The only thing you can do ...
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3 votes

How to recover EtherLi Multi-Sig Wallet without SMS?

You can use your recovery sheet which contains 2 of the 3 required private keys. Place both private keys into a text file on your computer, open Geth or Parity and import it (or put it directly into ...
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3 votes

How to prove someone has stolen my ether?

I produce a tool called ethslurp ( which allows you to download transactions into and out of any given account as Excel spreadsheets. If you have the account addresses, this may ...
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3 votes

How to recover presale wallet password from mnemonics

If you have the right private key (and from the looks of being 64 hex characters or 32 bytes it seems right), then you do not need anything else. Just import that into any client and you should be ...
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3 votes
Accepted recovery algorithm does not work for me, how to overcome this?

Based on your statement, there is nothing wrong with the algorithm behind the wallet. As you have supposed, the encrypted xprv can be found if you use the Chrome debug tools. We are also happy to ...
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3 votes

How can I restore a mnemonic seed with one missing word?

I'm assuming you know which wallet you were using before and that you have previously received ether or tokens using the wallet -- or at least have posted a receiving address somewhere (if you're not ...
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3 votes

How to recover all additional accounts belonging to a MetaMask seed phrase?

This official Metamask page explains that you need to press "create account" as if you were creating a new account 2, and the resulting account will actually be your existing account 2. ...
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3 votes

smart contract recovery

GM. Ethereum transactions are irreversible once they are confirmed and included in a block. Metamask's nonce option would only help in ensuring that subsequent transactions are properly sequenced but ...
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2 votes

ETC Split to non-hf wallet - lost?

You need to set up and sync a node on the ETC chain to see the ETC there. Also - if the original tx was not replayed on the ETC network, you will need to resend from your ETC node.
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2 votes

How to track a missing transaction on private testnet?

Yes. This is an expected behaviour. Transactions will be confirmed and included into the blockchain when it is included into a mined block. This will take at least one mined block. I don't know of ...
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2 votes

How can I recover ethereum account

You cannot use the account now. The private key is your account and your password is used to decrypt it. No private key = no account An address & password without a private key to use ...
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2 votes

trying to recover funds from an older ethereum wallet

There are some issues with latest version of Mist like Accounts are not showing up in Mist. Don't worry your ethers are safe. I suggest you to first check your balance on The reason ...
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2 votes

Trying to get DAO tokens back to ETH, nothing works

The answer was to wait and try again. It usually is.
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2 votes

Bought Ether from ethereum presale (genesis) Forgot password

No. From the Ethereum presale message: You are about to make an ether purchase. Please keep the attached wallet file safe. It will serve as a cryptographic receipt of your purchase, along with your ...
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2 votes

Presale wallet gives zero funds

This doesn't appear to be your correct address. I checked on etherscan and it shows no transactions in this address at all. A valid presale address should show the initial balance plus any subsequent ...
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2 votes

I sent my Humaniq & Taas coin (from my ico purchase) to my Parity Wallet.

Have you set a watch on the token contract within Parity? Due to the way tokens work on the Ethereum network, they don't show up in your wallet by default, you have to add them as a currency to watch. ...
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2 votes

I sent my Humaniq & Taas coin (from my ico purchase) to my Parity Wallet.

although I am not totally familiar with TaaS, humaniq and parity, all you need to do is to be able to sign transactions with the account that now owns the tokens. There must be a way of exporting ...
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2 votes

How to recover my wallet with any other wallet software?

I figured out how! Anyway! Come on, I'll try to help ... 1- You need to have all the account recovery information when you created your account - In this post you can see what they are: How ...
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2 votes

Where are my ethers: Etherli wallet withdrawal by using Parity

All the listed transactions have been confirmed [1] with the exception of (6) which ran out of gas. It appears like you sent two additional transactions prior to the ones listed: ...
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2 votes

Transaction cancelled due to out of gas. How do i recover my ETH?

Whenever any exception occurs in ethereum, the transaction rolls back automatically and any ether sent is returned to the msg.sender . Etherscan shows that the ether send her been rolled back. Please ...
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2 votes

Recover ETH with TXhash

Ethereum transactions are permanent. If the transaction failed, then the ether never left your account. If the transaction succeeded, then the ether now belongs to the contract you sent it to. If the ...
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2 votes

Find a lost private key in text files on Mac

It seems like web3 should be able to get the job done for you via accounts.privateKeyToAccount(privateKey). It accepts a private key string then returns an object which includes the associated ...
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2 votes

29 Word Seed Phrase Recovery

If it is a legit seed phrase you can import it into most of the wallets. The seed phrase standard is called BIP-32. However the amount of seed words - 29 - strikes me odd. Usually you have 12 or 24 ...
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2 votes

29 Word Seed Phrase Recovery

Do you remember if you ever used Sia? That's the only wallet I've used in the past with a 29 word recovery phrase.
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