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A common problem in the traditional web2 art and trading card world is the transparency of randomness and scarcity. If you buy a trading card, like a Pokémon card for example, you have no way of knowing how rare it really is without talking to the company that printed it. There is a centralized component to the scarcity of the card. They could have printed ...


Assuming that your initial "deck of cards" is [0, 1, ..., N-1], the following should roughly work. I've made basically no attempt to compile or check this, but the underlying algorithm should be sound. Roughly, the approach is this: You start with a sorted "deck of cards", [0, ..., N-1]. This deck is implicit. To pick a random card, you: ...


well you have to put the values of the links and vrf, you can find the addresses here based on the network you are using: Remember to fund your contract with links before running it

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