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Remix, like most of Ethereum wrappers access node via RPC API. To connect remix, you would tell it to connect on port 22101 as this is what you define to be your rpc port. The only other caveat is that you may need to add --rpccorsdomain flag as well to your set up. We have a number of helpful presentations that would help you here:


If you are developing, then a single node is enough to get you going. A proper Quorum chain should consist of 3, or 5, or 7 nodes to start with depending on the fault tolerance you would like. Our own example spawns 7 node chain for you to use and it is pre-configured for local or docker deployment. Get it here:


You didn't paste the script you're using for the deployment, however from the error it looks like you're passing two parameters to the simple_storage contract constructor whereas it only expects one (the value to initialise the storage value to). Here is a copy from my environment: // Pass 42 to the contract as the first constructor parameter deployer....


Private transactions update private states. If Alice sent Eth to Bob privately and Bob tried to spend it, how would anyone know Bob received it? If no one can see what is happening with private transactions, how can private transactions work with Ether? Hope it helps.


Truffle version prior to 5.0.14 have some Quorum related bugs. Please upgrade to 5.0.14+ and try again.


In many blogs I've found it was a Truffle version problem. Truffle v5 would make problems of this type. They suggest to downgrade to truffle@4.1.15. This has not been so for me. I have continue to use truffle v5. I've resolved by checking my gas limit when I sent a transaction. gasLimit: web3.utils.toHex( gas_limit ),//The maximum gas provided for this ...

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