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Clique PoA Private Blockchain: Need Suggestion for Block Gas Target and Block Gas Limit

Take care, the gas target and limits are in Mega-gas. The default is 7.5. Your 94000000 is actually 94 * 10^12 gas, which is semi-infinite. To get 94M, just specify 94. A good rule of thumb imho is ...
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Difference between Puppeth and Ganache

TL;DR - Ganache and Puppeth are both tools to spin up your own blockchain. Ganache is meant to be used as a testbed where transactions can be created and contracts can be deployed freely and ...
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Puppeth precompile-addresses

...what are precompile-addresses? The precompiles are a set of contracts that are used for computationally intensive operations that would cost too much gas to implement in the normal way. There are ...
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Geth syncing times out

Yay, sweet self answer. It seems that bootnodes and sealer nodes are quite different and incompatible. To bootstrap the system I tried to add other peers in the bootnode list. What it does is that the ...
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Private ethereum network geth admin.addPeer not working

You should start geth process on both computers and check availability via RPC port (that you set in the geth params) using telnet or other same utils. It looks like the problem is accessibility by ...
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