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is it possible to make a whole blockchain from scratch using javascript?

You can do everything in JavaScript, including Windows95 or MacOS. (just like you can play Doom on pregnancy test) Current list of clients: https://ethereum.org/en/developers/docs/nodes-and-clients/ (...
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Type error : Expression has to be an lvalue

constructor (string memory name_, string memory symbol_) { name = name; symbol = symbol; } You're assigning name and symbol to themselves. Here is your error: name = name; symbol = symbol; As ...
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Was trying to create a Reset Tokens Function, But I keep getting an error

The issue with the Reset_tokens() function is that the loop condition in line 64 includes the length of the participants array as well, which causes an index out of bounds error when the loop reaches ...
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How to give a name to my forked Ethereum blockchain

Heyy Mehran Ra, So If You Forked/Clone the Repo of geth and runned the Private Node You must have made the Genesis.json there Give them a Unique Chain Id there. In Config File aka genesis.json you ...
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In PoA network, Signer node doesn't work and "Persisted the clean trie cache" log printed by Geth!

I generated new accounts and replaced them with the previous ones for each systems and I run nodes. This solved my problem but I don't know how this did it.
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hardhat fork of private network with zero gas fees still requires a balance to perform a transaction

In order to set the gas fee to zero on your forked private network in Hardhat, you can use the "gasPrice" option in your network configuration. You can set the gas price to 0 in the hardhat ...
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GoQuorum: network configuration change - hard fork required?

The way geth handles hard forks is different. Generally speaking geth will have a a bunch of changes at a block height that are irreversible. With Quorum we wanted to be more flexible with things and ...
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Changing the Native Token Name in a Private Ethereum Blockchain

As in all comments, the symbol ETH and name Ethereum is not part of the code. You can create an endpoint layer to hide the default RPC calls and provide to the user whatever you want. An easy way to ...
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Web3.py error: Unsupported type: the primitive argument must be one of: bytes,bytearray

In my case,the problem was the bytecode was empty, so it was being pass an empty string which was not being properly encoded. So to fix it I changed it to this_contract = self.w3.eth.contract(abi=abi, ...
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Explorer for Private Blockchain with Ganache

I prefer explorer from etherparty. you can change the host and port from here as today's version. app/app.js Line no: 30.
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