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Understanding the getAmountsOut functrion, help please

Your understanding of the return signature is correct. In Solidity you can define the return variable in the signature. You can read more here. TL;DR getAmountsOut calculates dynamically the swap for ...
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Token pair liquidity lock expiration

I am trying to find out how to check a token pair's liquidity lock expiration on It seems were you able to do so, could you please share how you did it? Thank you.
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How would I be able to set slippage for exactInputSingle on Uniswap v3 and Pancakeswap v3?

I somehow found a way to do this by using the sqrtPriceX96 in the token's pool address by querying slot0. The documentation for this is gone but I've searched and saw other people using this formula: ...
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Sending transaction to Uniswap/Pancakeswap Router using Nethereum failing

It seems that the issue might be with the input parameters being passed to the exactInputSingle function. One thing you can try is to encode the nested array of input parameters manually using the ...
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