Yes, you are correct. Something I noticed which is worth keeping an eye on is that both modifiers of 'parent' contracts as well as any functions are overwritten by inheritance even when using 'super'. For example, calling test(0) on B passes and returns 10 (not 5 as one may be led to believe), but fails on contract A. pragma solidity ^0.4.15; contract A {...


Any interface can be, by definition, overridden by any real function having that same ABI, but it is not permitted to have N interfaces identical for some member (which precendece in override is not easy defined by inheritance graph!) In other word if you want to have one interface for the first function, it is not needed to repeat that function identical ...


Reading your code, V = 1, because after you set V=2 you then call super.f() which sets it to 1.

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