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Call smart contract function from another smart contract

I received that amount from an unknown source. what also troubles me is that my wallet displaces a much larger amount than i received which i cant gool is to convert that amount to EUR but ...
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Use cases of UUPS proxies over Transparent?

Pros and Cons of both solutions UUPS deployment is cheaper. Upgradeability mechanism logic (code) is written in the implementation/logic contract, so less code on the Proxy side. Valuable when ...
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OZ transparent upgradeable proxy admin reverts when trying upgrade an implementation

OpenZeppelin v5 TransparentUpgradeableProxy creates(deploys) its own ProxyAdmin contract. Now, in the proxy constructor you should provide not the ProxyAdmin contract address, but let's say the Admin'...
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Problem with "Openzeppelin ERC20Votes delegate function"

The contract won't increase the checkpoint if you have 0 tokens. You can test it by minting some tokens to the deployer in the constructor: constructor() ERC20("GovernanceToken", "...
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Problem with using OpenZeppeling contracts with Hard Hat - not found: File import callback not supported

There is a little bit difference between importing the code in solidity and hardhat code Solidity code import "@openzeppelin/contracts/ownership/Ownable.sol"; hardhat code import "@...
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