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is OPCODE applicable for sending ethers from wallet to another account?

OPCODES are also known as hexadecimal instructions that are mapped to human readable format. There are number of EVM OPCODES available to use. You can even write an whole smart contract by using ...
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Why Yul doesn't have the else block?

ifs are used mostly for revert conditions, where the else is simply the continuation of the program. An if cond { a } else { b } pattern can be done via switch cond case 0: b default: a.
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Why is there a `LOG` opcode being created from my solidity code when I don't have any events?

I think that's not actually code, I think that's the metadata hash also known as the auxdata, and it starts with a2: ...
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What do the retOffset and retSize parameters of the CALL opcode do?

As I was writing the question I've stumbled upon The retOffset and retSize approach is still working. It accepts the memory area into which the return data will ...

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