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In general, a transaction uses one type of a transaction that is known as sending an order and in a mathematical it is induction, let P(k) be a propositional function which may or may not be true for every natural number integer k. It is based on the rule of deduction that P(K) is true for all positive integer k, Z+, if P (1) and ∀k(P (K) → P (K +1)) are ...


It's possible it was done with miner collusion. There are certainly services out there where miners accept lots of money to order transactions in certain ways.


Transactions from each account are processed in order of the nonce. For a new account, a transaction with a nonce of 1 will not be processed until a transaction with a nonce of 0 has been processed from that account. With that said, you can submit multiple transactions with incremental nonces at the exact same time. These transactions may get picked up in ...

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