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Run multiple nodes doing debug_traceBlockByHash Split the work across multiple nodes e.g. by a block number Reconcialiate the results at the end to a database I believe this is how EtherScan operates its nodes.


Geth has a freezer as of v1.9 Freezer Wouldn’t it be amazing if we didn’t have to waste so much precious space on our expensive and sensitive SSDs to run an Ethereum node, and could rather move at least some of the data onto a cheap and durable HDD? With the v1.9.0 release, Geth separated its database into ...


I'll try to answer your points: A local node is a full node that you're connecting directly. Or a light node that has access to a full node. Remote nodes would be other nodes from the network that you communicate updates through transactions. Yes, it would still be a local node. No, view functions with Infura don't cost gas. They do have a limit on how much ...

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