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Wrong network at the transaction

The only entity that can help you with this is Revolut. If they have have access to address X on one EVM network they also, in theory, have access to it in any other EVM network. Althought there's a ...
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ETH sent default on BASE network sent on wrong network

There's on way to revert a transaction once it's executed, so your only chance is to access the same address on the different network. If you have the private key for the receiving address, you can ...
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Structure of p2p network in Ethereum

Ethereum's p2p network indeed follows a structure where each node connects to multiple others, but it's more sophisticated than the simple diagrams often found on introductory websites. It utilizes ...
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Is it possible to transfer USDC from Fantom Opera network to BEP-20 network?

This stack is meant for developers, that kind of question doesn't really belong here. To answer you though, bridges like anyswap should work, at least in my experinence they do. Another option is to ...
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how can i connect to ethereum p2p network without node?

Yes, it is possible. There are a lot of node providers that give you free API keys for interaction with the blockchain.(e.g. Alchemy, Ankr). You can use node providers to send your transactions to be ...
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Is adding a new feature to a Ethereum client, without altering consensus rules, a creation of a new fork?

Adding new features to an Ethereum client without altering the consensus rules would typically not be considered a new fork of the Ethereum protocol. A fork usually refers to a significant divergence ...
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What motivates Ethereum validators to accept new members of the network?

I'm not very familiar with how the block producers and chosen and how connectivity helps. But here's an answer with a bit more generic approach. Let's say there's just one node in the network, so ...
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How to deploy all my contracts from same address (without writing .connect() a bunch of times)?

There are a couple of ways to change the default deployer. Changing the starting index You can change the default by increasing the initialIndex in the accounts section of the configuration file. ...
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