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Is the ether rewarded specified by the Ethereum client?

the amount of Ether or Wei that a validator or miner is rewarded is determined by the Ethereum protocol and is not specified by the Ethereum client itself. The Ethereum protocol includes rules for ...
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How much hashrate is rquired to generate 1 ETH in two days

Ethereum has transitioned proof-of-stake, so you cannot mine anymore.
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block.timestamp: will my function possibly fail?

Will my function possibly fail if last block mined is closer than 24hrs? Or does block.timestamp get updated with actual current block timestamp before executing my function, even if still not mined ...
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block.timestamp: will my function possibly fail?

Due to the network distributed nature and transactions propagation time. It could be possible that block producers clock aren't synchronized with the frontend clock. It is feasible that the ...
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How to get back my money

That's a wallet drainer. sorry your money is gone mate
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