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You need to use doubly linked list like this: struct GameListItem { uint prev; uint next; } mapping (uint => GameListItem) public openGamesList; uint public firstOpenGame; function addOpenGame (uint gameID) internal { require (gameID != 0, "Game ID is NULL"); GameListItem storage item = openGamesList [gameID]; require ( == 0, "...


The below code compiles at I had to drop the private and add self. to your accesses of the state variable teddies: struct Teddy: id: uint256 year: uint256 component: map(uint256, uint256) teddies: map(uint256, Teddy) @public def __init__(): self.teddies[0].id = 0 self.teddies[0].year = 2019


You can pay a lot of money in Google cloud, or download it directly here -> Someone has made this for you. It takes a LOT of time to get the correct list of ETH addresses with full balance.

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