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Why does ethereum need a trie for key-value lookups?

Tries are not related to the lookups, but to how the blockchain operates. Each block must hash the Ethereum virtual machine state to a single hash at the end of the block. Merkle tree makes updating ...
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Why does ethereum need a trie for key-value lookups?

If we had a simple table with key-value pairs, reading data was easy and quick with a complexity of 1. However, because we need to create a hash of the entire database, updating the data becomes more ...
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To what extent has 2018 mLSM paper influenced ethereum data structure?

Similar techniques are used in Firewood by Avalanche. Traditionally, projects that employ Merkle Tries have relied on existing key-value embedded databases, like LevelDB or RocksDB, to efficiently ...
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Are nodes in Merkle Patricia Tree ever deleted?

After lots of research, here is my understanding: In general, when information is updated (like the accounts balance, or contracts variable states values), a key/value database (which implements ...
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