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newer solidity versions have out of gas issues deploying our sample contracts. Specify the solidity version in the truffle-config.js compilers: { solc: { version: "0.5.0", }, } from @cruz: @adam.chasen I believe in one of the more recent versions of truffle, we bumped the solidity version to 0.5.8 (which defaults the evmVersion to ...


Whilst I can't help specifically with those errors, I can help with creating a smart-contract that gets the current price of ETH in USD using Oraclize per the comment on your question: pragma solidity 0.5.0; import ""; contract EthPriceTicker is usingOraclize { string public ethPriceUSD; event ...


It is a bug (or a missing feature, I'm not sure) in Ganache. That issue is tracked here: Until that is resolved, you need to downgrade all the way back to beta.38


Thanks to the folks who suggested Oraclize - which is what I have been using for my projects on the public blockchain. I used Chainlink here because it works with, a private blockchain platform that I use for my project. Anyway, Thomas Hodges from ChainLink has helped me with this. These were the changes he made: From: ChainlinkLib.Run memory ...

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