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How to broadcast signed transaction with ethers.js?

For anyone using ethers.js V6, you can use the provider.broadcastTransaction function.
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Need an advice about a stable RPC Provider (doesn't have to be free)

Chainstack should be one of the options to consider, here's why: Disclaimer: I'm the founder of Chainstack
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MethodUnavailable(error) when shifting from Ganache to Sepolia Testnet

Infura doesn't support eth_sendTransaction. (For it to support that, it would need to know your private key, but it's a shared public node.) You need to either sign the transaction yourself and then ...
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MetaMask doesn't catch ERC20 reverts

This is the MetaMask feature/bug. To understand what happens: MetaMask has the built-in page for sending tokens: send.js and this is a separate page comparing to submitting the raw transaction from a ...
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InvalidStatusCode: server rejected WebSocket connection: HTTP 401

GM, Developer Relations Lead at Chainstack here. Assuming you're using the full code snippet provided in that article, this error stems from an attempt to open a WebSocket connection on an invalid ...
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eth_estimateGas Error when balance of an account < the amount to send in a transaction

No there is no way. Because estimation is a process of tx execution 'off-chain'. Your tx will fail, so the node cannot estimate gas correctly or in a state where ETH is enough. More info: https://docs....
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how to watch the eth address with infura

I'm not sure how to do it Infura. I know you can set up a Moralis Stream to get a webhook every time the balance of a specific set of addresses changes, that would work both for native balance like ...
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