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How to deploy a Safe on Hardhat

We run some Safe tests using Hardhat Network in our project. Here is the example: safe.spec.ts#L212 You have to deploy 3 contracts: GnosisSafeProxyFactory.sol GnosisSafe.sol MultiSend.sol Then you ...
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Unknown key "viaIR"

viaIR: true may require version 0.8.13 and higher.
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Cannot read properties of null (reading 'constructor') Etherjs error

Just change in the second line to const contract = new ethers.Contract so you'll call class constructor. And no need in await on second line as constructor in synchronous
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Error HH8: There's one or more errors in your config file: * Invalid account: #0 for network: sepolia - private key too short, expected 32 bytes

sepolia: { url: `${process.env.API_URL}`, accounts: [`0x${process.env.PRIVATE_KEY}`], //No need to concatenate '0x" } The issue is from the configuration above. Firstly, there's no need to ...
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Hardhat - HardhatEthersProvider.resolveName is not implemented

You are calling constructor on wrong way. constructor( address _lzEndpoint, string memory _name, string memory _symbol, uint8 decimal ) OFTWithFee(_name, _symbol, ...
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Following the Hardhat tutorial, I get this error: TypeError: ethers.getSigners is not a function

As per MadBreaks comment, Hardhat is better organised to keep things internal (ie. provide defaults) including not needing to bring in ...-waffle yourself. You should just require this in the hardhat....
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