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Error value out of bounds for callbackgasLimit

Scott's answer is correct - it worked for me as well - kudos to him! However, you don't have to use uint256. You use uint64 and it will still work. uint64 private immutable i_callbackGasLimit; And you ...
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Hardhat Ethers get Contract Deployed on a Specific Chain

While running your script, you can pass the network flag at the end of the command, like: npx hardhat run scripts/yourScriptFileName.js —-network desiredNetworkName You can pass the network name like ...
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Facing the "factory runner does not support sending transactions" error while executing deploy script of Hardhat

In your hardhat.config.js file, inside the sepolia object of networks, it should be accounts instead of account , like: sepolia: { url: process.env.SEPOLIA_RPC_URL, accounts: [process.env....
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How to get ABI of deployed contract using ethersjs in hardhat?

You can use the built-in method readArtifact const hre = require('hardhat') or import * as hre from 'hardhat'; const myContractArtifact = await hre.artifacts.readArtifact('MyContract'); const {...
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Hardhat: Get contract address and pass as param to another contract to deploy

After some attempts, here is the solution : First, import your other modules with useModule into the contract you want to link the others to : const otherModule = m.useModule(OtherModule); Then, in ...
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Provider error hardhat

Please check if your testnet URLs are correct. If all of them are correct, then verify if you have named your environment variable configuration file as .env.example. If it is named .env.example, ...
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