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What Does Gnosis Safe Contract's setup function return and why?

That's not a return data. That's a normal transaction. Whenever we call any contract function that performs write operations, the calls is sent in a form of transaction. Any js library would fetch the ...
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What Does Gnosis Safe Contract's setup function return and why?

The setup function doesn't include any return function . The code you are checking that is for SDK purposes and return function is used in the SDK code not the contract code
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Can anybody helps with this problem?

I think it needs that particular function in that url. The existing url must be using SDK logic. You need to deep dive what safe migration sdk is providing in the backend
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Getting an Unexpected Token error trying to execute a transaction (Tenderly simulation works fine)

I think this issue is on the FrontEnd side of the Gnosis Safe UI because Tenderly simulator is working so it also should let you create a transaction . Ask for help from Safe Team by writing a mail or ...
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USDC sent on ARB to an ETH gnosis safe. Need to recover funds form gnosis-safe

Are you sure you deployed the safe to the correct address? Do the tokens appear in arbiscan? In any case, you can do it from the webpage. Make a new general transaction (should be called "...
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Run the safe-global/safe-infrastructure service

The first problem was the wrong RPC_NODE_URL (where the wrong address was specified). Then the following problem: 2 records were created for the history chain for the transaction service - but there ...
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What Does Gnosis Safe Contract's setup function return and why?

As pointed out by @Zartaj Afser, the setup function you are referring to doesn't return any data. This can be verified by looking at the function signature function setup(...) external {} which does ...
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Programmatically sending a transaction request to Gnosis Safe wallet

new API URLs are ARBITRUM_ONE: "https://safe-transaction-arbitrum.safe.global", AURORA_MAINNET: "https://safe-transaction-aurora.safe.global", AVALANCHE_C_CHAIN: "https://safe-...
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