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Customize minimum payout on ethermine

Find your address on etherminer by searching it in the top bar -> go to settings -> change minimum to 0.05 or whatever you want it to be, and provide your public IP as proof it is you (just google my ...
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Mining on HD6950 - Getting DAG error

I don't think you can mine with GPUs with less than 4 Gb of memory since the DAG increases with the blockchain size.
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Mining Nanopool for 24H with Radeon RX 480 and yet no shares found

I got the solution! What happens is that I am using cpp-ethereum and there is an issue with this board and some drivers so I switched to the Genoil Fork and now is working like a charm! You can find ...
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1 vote

Mining with a GTX 1080 and Radeon 570 on the same machine

I reinstalled geth and ethereum in a separate location on my machine and used the --dag-dir option to select another location. Now it is generating another DAG file. I'll update this if it works. ...
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Why does ethminer only show 3GB on my Sapphire R7 370 4GB?

My fork is open source. I didn't write the code that counts RAM on OpenCL devices though, but I have never seen it report the wrong size on any card I have used. Perhaps it is an OpenCL driver issue. ...
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