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The converter put the eip*Transition properties into a wrong "params" object - it should look something like this: { "name": "GethTranslation", "engine": { "Ethash": { "params": { "minimumDifficulty": "0x20000", "difficultyBoundDivisor": "0x800", "durationLimit": "0xd", "blockReward": "0x4563918244F40000", ...


As per, the nodes key contains hard-coded boot node values: /// Spec deserialization. #[derive(Debug, PartialEq, Deserialize)] #[serde(deny_unknown_fields)] #[serde(rename_all = "camelCase")] pub struct Spec { /// Spec name. pub name: String, /// Special fork name. pub data_dir: Option<String>, /// Engine. pub engine: ...

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