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MetaMask incorrectly estimates 100,000 gas for ERC20 transfer. Why?

Since you are interested in knowing why does Metamask estimate wrong the gas limit, I'll share with you some information that is good to know. Metamask makes use of the function eth_estimateGas to ...
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MetaMask incorrectly estimates 100,000 gas for ERC20 transfer. Why?

As a disclaimer Rob and I work together so I have an unfair advantage here but thought it would be helpful to give a very detailed breakdown of what is going on... TLDR; Likely an unhandled error in ...
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How to fix "Transaction was not mined within 50 blocks, please make sure you transaction was properly sent." error?

I see you're facing the Transaction was not mined within 50 blocks error while working with Ethereum transactions. First, try to increase the gas limit. Certain transactions may require more gas ...
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How to increase gas limit for transactions in Foundry?

You can specify the gas limit for your particular function call / transaction in your script, by changing your function call from: bool success = ver.verify_bls(signature, publicKeys, messages); to ...
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What is the maximum of transaction gas limit?

The maximum gas limit for a transaction on Ethereum is ultimately determined by the block gas limit (i.e., currently 30 million gas units as you've mentioned), as transactions must fit within the ...
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How to transfer entire address balance to another address

You miscalculate the valueAfterGas and the gasLimit. gasLimit has nothing to do with the price. It defines how much gas will be consumed in the transaction. For ETH transfer this value is: 21000 ...
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Transaction within block gas limits: Will it possibly run out of gas?

In theory if your transaction is valid and the gas within the block gas limit it should be good enough. In practice block builders have the freedom to reorder the transactions within a block. There ...
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Metamask Transaction pending of bscscan

It is basically the nature of blockchain network. When a user executes a transaction, such as on the Ethereum network, they are required to include a gas fee, paid in ETH, as an incentive for ...
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Avoiding loops in Solidity for a simple situation

Looping through all users is not just very gas inefficient, it may become impossible once your contract has a lot of users and the looping consumes more gas than the block gas limit. I would recommend ...
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gas estimation error because of reverted

You need to add the necessary gas at the time you create the transaction. It appears that you know in advance how much gas will be needed: 266_087. So you put this value when creating the transaction. ...
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MetaMask - failed transaction, maximum gas rate suggested is to low

The gas value is set in the UI code, not inside the contract. Usually, you would call estimateGas first and then add ~20% on top of that to ensure there is enough gas allocated for the transaction.
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