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As of December 30, 2019, ganache-cli support for Istanbul is only available via version 6.8.0-istanbul0 which is marked as a beta. To upgrade to this version: npm uninstall ganache-cli -g npm install ganache-cli@istanbul -g


You can set the nonce with {nonce: <nonce>} but the bigger question is WHY? The nonce should be managed by the client and there are valid reasons to track it yourself. Have a look over here at "Candidate 3" that I would recommend most of the time. Concurrency patterns for account nonce However, this is not a valid design. intends to put multiple ...


Ganache can be configured to mine new blocks on a specific time interval. With this setting enabled you are able to include multiple transactions in a single block. To enable this functionality in the GUI, access the settings by clicking the gear icon in the top right corner. Choose "Server" settings. From there you will be able to disable auto-mining and ...


Ganache is a development and testing framework - fast and easy to set up and fast transaction blocks. Generally, it is preferable to start with an empty blockchain and rehearse the migration and initialization processes every time, for more most dev/test cases. Ganache is not useful for production because there is no consensus. It's just your server going ...

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