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The only option to do this is to use the takeSnapshot and revertToSnapshot functions in that same repo. When you are at a state you know you want to return to, call takeSnapshot in order to get a snapshot ID. When you want to revert to that state, simply run revertToSnapshot with that specific ID. As a note, the snapshotting function in Ganache was finicky ...


You can use geth and set up private ethereum blockchain and get fast transactions as you mentioned and make quick RPC calls. Hope this will help you.


You are getting the error because both the applications cannot use the same port. You have to kill the cli process to use the Ganache GUI in the same port. But this would mean you will loose the data in the cli node. Using the same seed phrase just means that you are unlocking the same 10 accounts in both the cases. The blockchains are different. you can ...

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