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Displaying terminal logs while calling a function from a specific wallet in Forge test?

The syntax of the call towards the receiveInvestment function was not suited for the objective of performing a transaction towards a function that changes an attribute, whilst displaying console2.log ...
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Foundry script: balance mismatch of tx caller

Remove --private-key flag to view the original balance. Balance: 25476025062017363181 Actually, by default when the same caller is used with private key, foundry somehow adds more gas coin to the ...
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Foundry: skip specifics tests

If you want to skip tests programmatically, add a custom function at the top of your test that returns nothing when a condition is met. This would act like a skip. Something like: enum Network { ...
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Compiler run failed

If you didn't change the default folder structure of your Foundry project, import {SimpleStorage} from "src/SimpleStorage.sol" should be the right path.
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