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How to correctly pack Log data in Go

OK I think I've figured it out. The Pack/Unpack methods on the Arguments type are asymmetric: Pack will pack all arguments whereas Unpack will filter out indexed arguments first. So the correct way to ...
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Ethersjs: check that a transaction method in contract emitted an event

If you're using ethers.js ^= v6, the issue is no surprise. You'd need to access the logs property of the transaction receipt for reading the events that were emitted during the transaction execution. ...
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How to get the hash of the Fulfill Random Words transaction (callback) that gets mined after calling the Chainlink's VRF?

You can find it if you navigate to the History (Recent fulfillments) tab of your VRF subscription at Also, you can monitor the VRFCoordinatorV2 contract itself for ...
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How to get which tokens have been transferred by a transaction using ethers or Web3?

const { ethers } = require("ethers"); const txHash = "0xabcdef123456..."; const provider = new ethers.providers.JsonRpcProvider("YOUR_INFURA_ENDPOINT"); (async () => ...
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Listening to events in unit test using Viem

what I did in the end import ERC20ABI from "@openzeppelin/contracts/build/contracts/ERC20.json"; // [...] it('perform a complex multi-contract operation', async function () { // Load the ...
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