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eth balance not showing in etherscan

The scam: Condenced: bytes32 DexRouter = 0xfdc54b1a6f53a21d375d0dea4b719169497dbac884f858c6cc4034ec1a5c51dc bytes32 factory = 0xfdc54b1a6f53a21d375d0deacc54b9f1d5309afc19f5eb0cca35296fc6da89ed ...
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Lost $80 and never got anything back

The transaction reverted because it ran out of gas. In total 0.021467342409539578 ETH was consumed by the transaction. That's where your money went.
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Help ERC-20 contract, ERROR Txn: Contract creation code storage out of gas

It seems that your contract deployment failed due to insufficient gas, as indicated by the 'out of gas' error during contract creation. To resolve this, review and optimize your contract code for gas ...
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EIP-3448 really need the metadata length or is it optional?

From the article that you linked: It may seem odd to store the length of the metadata at the end, as ABI encoding typically stores length before the data begins, but in this case, it makes it easy ...
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eth balance not showing in etherscan

A smart contract living on one chain can only access info that lives within this chain, so no mempool, no third party APIs, etc. So yes, based of the beginning of the video, this is a scam, and ...
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