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Try to verify a deployed Contract without the setting of optimizer

The difficulty with verification is that it either works or it doesn't - there's nothing in-between. And you get no feedback about what went wrong. So the problem may be in your optimizer settings. ...
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Uniswap v3 QuoterV2 not returning amountOut

SOLUTION Ethersjs v6 updated contract.callStatic.method to contract.method.staticCall(args...) use this: const amountOut = await quoterv2.quoteExactInputSingle.staticCall(params); not this: const ...
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cannot estimate gas of route swap with Uniswap v3

Seems a bit going on. Looks like swapExactTokensForTokens is the the first function being called, which is for v2 swaps. But you refer to v3 on several occasions, and there doesn't seem to be a v2 ...
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Ethereum (Istanbul, PoA private network) automated contract deployment and interactions

I strongly advice against hard coded abi simply because it's very hard to find what could be wrong. It could be the order, a type, or any slight difference that will change the bytecode. Ideally, ...
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Ethers.js create child wallet from parent wallet

As of Ethers version 6, ethers.Wallet.fromMnemonic() is removed. Now use : ethers.HDNodeWallet.fromMnemonic(mnemonic, path) Docs - The default ...
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