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Eth price dont update after another function iteration

Ethereum generates a new block every ~12 seconds. All on-chain data remains the same during the interval. So, it is normal to have no updates in 5 seconds.
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Cannot create the same ECDSA signature with Web3.py and ethers.js

For ethers.js version 6, the code will be slightly different: let signer = new ethers.SigningKey(privateKey); let messageHash = await ethers.solidityPackedKeccak256([ "string", "...
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React (opts:) not working, am i missing dependency?

That version of Web3Modal doesn't work any more and has been deprecated. Try v3 check docs here: https://docs.walletconnect.com/web3modal/react/about?platform=ethers
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If blockhash changes, did block become uncle?

Uncles were only in Ethereum's early years when it was using Proof of Work. In Ethereum's Proof of Stake, when a block is replaced by another block, the common case would be called an orphan block. ...
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Cannot read properties of null (reading 'constructor') Etherjs error

Just change in the second line to const contract = new ethers.Contract so you'll call class constructor. And no need in await on second line as constructor in synchronous
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How to encode param of type address

These are scripts I tried. (I think it's not ideal to continue the exchange here multiple times, so I'll present this source code and conclude my remarks. I apologize if it doesn't get resolved.) In ...
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What is the best way to fetch and store data from ethereum blockchain for migration of contracts?

With 0xweb tool you could dump the contracts storage first. It collects all the contract state variables from the source, so the contract must be validated on a block explorer, or if you develop ...
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Now that eth_decrypt and eth_getEncryptionPublicKey are deprecated, is there a good way to encrypt and decrypt data via a user's private key?

I'm not sure if it's the same way you me but I was using metamask for something like this before, but it's not suggested anymore. Also metamask deprecated its related method. The main reason is that ...
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