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The Ethereum Foundation (formally, Stiftung Ethereum) is a Swiss non-profit established in Zug, Switzerland in June 2014. ETHDEV is a consortium of development organizations established in varying legal jurisdictions including London, Amsterdam, and Berlin. This is the operational/development arm of the Ethereum project. As the development of Ethereum was ...


Ethereum foundation owns CIC (a foundation). CIC owns ETHDEV. ETHDEV develops for the Ethereum core protocol. To ensure survival of of Ethereum, Ming/Vitalik have restructured the company to become lean, reduce it's burn rate and last Serenity is company (beyond). ETHCORE - independent for profit company.


I don't know if this is the correct answer, but it might be an idea. Can you map the public address to the private one with some iptables rules? I would just open one random port to the public address and redirect all the traffic to the private one. Regards


This issue is resolved. It turned out that the IdMgmt contract was not actually deployed due to insufficient gas. The contract was deployed and methods worked when I supplied more gas. The simpler test contract with just one function to return double its integer input needed less gas, so it worked. Makes sense but it would be good if the logs had shown ...

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