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"Getting 'Promise { <pending> }' Response When Deploying Smart Contract Using Hardhat - How to Resolve?"

As, getAddress() is returning Promise { <pending> }. You need to add await before that too, in order to wait for it to return the actual address value. const contractAddress = await robotNFT....
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Trying to create a soulbound token. Keep getting two errors

Simply override the _update from ERC721. When a transfer is attempted, the if statement checks if the token has an existing owner (from != address(0) ) and is not being sent to a zero address (to != ...
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i got an critical error when i deploy my contract in hardhat

the device you're using must be missing the widows c++ redistributable. downloading that was how i solved this issue too. this should help you
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Gnosis error fix - $

Looks like you got the transaction unstuck? GS020 means that there was a problem with validating signatures for that transaction. You probably tried to execute the transaction again from Safe wallet ...
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