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How can I find router addresses of decentralized exchanges

go to There you will find a lot of DeX-addresses together... ;)
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Projects you made

I’ve made various projects by following the amazing tutorials of Patrick Collins. Patrick, being a Web3 OG, has even started Cyfrin Updraft with an initiative to enable Web3 developers with the skills ...
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Foundry error on CLI command

Make sure that you've assigned the private key to the PRIVATE_KEY environment variable, because the error is suggesting that you've assigned the wallet address instead of private key. You can follow ...
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Retrieve price data from PancakeSwap [BSC]

You can try out Bitquery DexTradesByTokens API to get the token pair exchange rates on Pancake Swap. Try this API in the Bitquery Playground, to retrieve price data for a token pair on Pancake Swap: ...
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How to Perform Cross-Chain Swaps?

You can utilise Chainlink CCIP to achieve the cross-chain transferring and swapping of tokens programmatically, which comes with the level-5 security, making it the only interoperability protocol with ...
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How do gas fees work in UniSwap / other decentralized exchanges?

I received from Uniswap customer service the following, as I was not able to swap or perform any action due to gas fees, despite the fact that I POSSESSED ETH in my wallet, hope it helps: Thanks for ...
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