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What is calldata offset for dynamic calldata arrays?

Let's say we have this function: contract Foo { function getOffset(uint256[] calldata arr) external pure returns (uint256 offset) { assembly { offset := arr.offset } ...
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Do the tight variable packing rules apply to arrays in structs?

From the docs: Except for dynamically-sized arrays and mappings (see below), data is stored contiguously item after item starting with the first state variable, which is stored in slot 0. Source: ...
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abi.decode() does not accept "address payable" as type

I didn't find a documented way to decode an array address payable[] implicitly, however the closest equivalent I can think of is the following: // SPDx-License-Identifier: UNLICENSED pragma solidity ^...
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TypeError: Type is not callable in my code

It’s because addressinvests is a mapping, so your semantic for calling the value is incorrect. Change addressinvests(_address) to addressinvests[_address] …also, your naming convention for the mapping ...
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