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Deploy upgradable contracts using Remix

To deploy an upgradeable contract using Remix you have to do the following: When a UUPS contract is selected in Deploy & Run’s Contract select box, you’ll see some checkboxes below the Deploy ...
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How to implement Chainlink VRFv2 with Upgradeable Transparent Proxy smart contract?

You don't need to import the Initializable.sol and inherit the Initializable contract in your VRFTest contract (as it's already being imported and inherited in VRFConsumerBaseV2Upgradeable contract ...
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Upgrading Smart Contracts with New Fields: How to Safely Modify Storage Layout

In your example, it is safe to add the new field as: GovernorCountingSimpleStorage struct doesn't collide with other storage as has a custom offset the new variables in GovernorCountingSimpleStorage ...
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