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2 votes

Can block validation be done using machine Learning Algorithms?

Possible applications that exist at the intersection of blockchain and AI/ML are numerous but I can't imagine how block production or validation would be one of them. As Ismael said first, there is no ...
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2 votes

In Casper, how can a block be finalized if previous blocks are unconfirmed?

Good question. Caspar makes explicit the idea of rewriting history. First, blocks from a long period of time in history (like 3 months) are locked, finalized, not allowed to change and validators ...
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1 vote

Why we can't build decentralized applications upon Bitcoin?

Bitcoin simply doesn't support the kind of programs that are needed for stuff like DeFi. Bitcoin has some scripting support, but it's very limited and can't really be used for anything complicated. ...
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1 vote

Casper proposal mechanism

PARTIAL ANSWER: SOURCE: Ben Mahala @Lisk115 mag 06 13:38 you prepare and commit an existing blockhash to finalize it. validators generate new blockhashes ...
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