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Solidity is backward compatible within the same minor version. To determine which version of solc will compile a contract it should be enough compiling with the latest version in each minor version. 0.6.6 0.5.17 0.4.26 0.3.6 0.2.2 0.1.7


I found useful this solc version switcher tool My experience to configure it: docker pull trailofbits/solc-select manually add to any location add permissions to execute the script to the owner chmod u+x ... add location from 2. to .bash_profile Now ...


The reason the compilation stopped working is because that way of performing a call was only made available in Solidity 0.6.2: Allow gas and value to be set in external function calls using c.f{gas: 10000, value: 4 ether}(). Prior to 0.6.2, you had to use c.gas(_gasLimit).value(_value)(_data); This change is simply an added feature and not a breaking ...

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