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What are touched accounts?

touched == accessed (per tx) meaning read, write or executed (during the same tx only), including: tx sender (tx.origin) coinbase address (block.coinbase) address accessed via balance opcode (address(...
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What does FE stand for in "InvalidFEOpcode"?

FE stands for the INVALID opcode, which has the value 0xFE. From Equivalent to any other opcode not present in this reference, but guaranteed to remain an invalid instruction. Equivalent ...
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What are touched accounts?

I've never seen the term defined properly either but i would assume this refers to a non-empty account. To be a bit more specific, an account is defined by its address and four parameters : its nonce, ...
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State healing taking over a month, faster way to sync etherium for transfer?

You don't need a synced node to transfer funds. :D Just retrieve the private key from geth and use wallet like METAMASK or TRUST. Use the option 'Import wallet by PRIVATE KEY'. Hope you can get your ...
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Can precompiles be written in Solidity/ Yul?

Solidity precompiled contracts are similar to regular contracts, with one key difference: they are not deployed but instead created through the genesis JSON file at the launch of a blockchain. As such,...
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Why Golang was chosen to implement ethereum protocol?

They wanted to have several implementations to minimize the security risks. Initially there were implementation in C++, python, go, rust, etc. There were plans for writing implementations in java, and ...
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Limitations of block proposal tips paid to Validator's fee recipient?

Nate's answer is correct, but to expand a little further. Validator attestations, proposals and other beacon chain rewards are added to the validator's balance. If this balance is above 32 ETH then ...
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