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Chainlink client oracle pricing

When it comes to making API calls, you should use Chainlink Functions instead. Billing details for Chainlink Functions are available at the Official Chainlink Documentation.
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How to use native token as fee in CCIP local unit tests?

CCIP converts native fees to a wrapped equivalent. Add this import to the top of the test suite: import {WETH9} from "@chainlink/contracts-ccip/src/v0.8/ccip/test/WETH9.sol"; Add this line ...
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Can I get price feed information directly from ChainLink oracles rather than from the aggregated contract?

While requesting data from a single Chainlink oracle introduces non-decentralization risks (ie, do you trust this oracle team with your data?), there are several reputable community oracles out there ...
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How to use native token as fee in CCIP local unit tests?

You should be able to use native tokens using address(0) instead of the LINK token address. See the transferTokensPayNative function in this tutorial:
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