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Both Swarm and Whisper are complementary technologies contributing to the vision of Ethereum as a "world computer". When imagining Ethereum as a metaphor for a shared computer, it should be noted that computation alone is not enough. For a computer to be fully useful, it also needs storage to "remember" things and bandwidth to "communicate" them. This could ...


Just to point out, you don't need the public gateway. When you have a swarm node running, you have your own gateway at http://localhost:8500/bzz:/. (I'd post this as a comment but stackexchange won't let me. Apologies.)


UPDATE: swarm-guide at RTD (Work in progress, expect decent status by mid december 2017) but native to which level? so there three levels that support the bzz family of uri schemes there is mist with builtin support or in your normal browser


The BZZ protocol is just the shorthand name for the Swarm protocol. I'm unsure why they chose that abbreviation, perhaps it's a reference to a swarm of bees that buzz?


Swarm is currently still in development and considered Alpha software. There is no stable network, and no storage insurance currently implemented, so there is no way to guarantee that your data will persist. Furthermore, the current state of the implemented would most likely not be able to handle syncing of an upload of 8TB. You can follow the development ...

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