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I am just trying to understand why the bytes32 and 5, need strings of length 66 and 11 respectively if each character is a byte I'll explain for bytes32: In order to send bytes32 from web3.js to a smart-contract function, you need to provide a string which starts with "0x" followed by 64 hexadecimal characters. Why 64? Because each character ...


The Istanbul hardfork included EIP-1884, which (among other repricings) repriced SLOAD from 200 to 800 gas. That means loading 5 addresses from storage will cost 4000 gas, not including any overhead. The Istanbul hardfork also included EIP-2028, which lowered the cost of non-zero calldata bytes from 68 to 16. These two EIPS are what cause the huge difference ...


In any standard ERC20-Token, for example, because that's what the ERC20 standard dictates: function name() public view returns (string); function symbol() public view returns (string); If you use bytes32 instead (as implemented in some of the early ERC20 tokens deployed on mainnet), then you'll be violating the standard, and any application trying to ...


It seems there now is, since solidity version 0.4.24 you can use abi.encodePacked E.G: uint i = 0; i_bytes = abi.encodePacked(i);

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