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How to store IPFS hash using bytes32?

You can use keccak256 which is bytes32. You pre-calculate the hash of your content (like metadata json) and store it in the contract. Then, you can use it to construct an IPFS CIDv0 or CIDv1 on the ...
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How to load the first 4 bytes from a bytes calldata var?

There's an even faster way to get the first 4 bytes of calldata: accessing the global variable msg.sig will return the first 4 bytes of calldata and give you access to the function selector. This is ...
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How do I call the contract function using ethers.js with bytes parameter, encryptedSecretsUrl? Using Chainlink Functions, sendRequest function

I just found out that I forgot to add my contract as chainlink subscription consumer which was the mistake. Sending encryptedSecretsUrl as a string to call the function worked perfectly fine. Thank ...
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