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Transferring Assets Between Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain

In order to transfer assets between different chains, you need to use a bridge. The simplest way is to use Metamask's built in bridge function: ...
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Swapback issue with BEP20 contract

it looks like you might be missing an approval step before calling swapExactTokensForETHSupportingFeeOnTransferTokens. Try adding this line of code to approve the router to spend the tokens on behalf ...
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bundle transaction in bsc with contract address

Using a contract's bytecode directly without verification poses significant risks because you cannot be sure of its security or functionality. When the bytecode is not verified, you lack the source ...
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Help Needed: Uniswap Not Finding My Recently Deployed Smart Contract

Steps: Connect Wallet Switch chain to BNB Chain Choose Pools Choose v2 version Add v2 liquidity Choose first token whichever you want to add liquidity with. Choose 2nd your new token and approve it. ...
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