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7 votes

Difference between Geth POA Clique and Parity POA Aura

Since some moderator decided to delete the only answer to this question here it is again: I do not have time to summarize it. Good question! I don't have an answer but I do have a link that ...
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4 votes

How well do Proof of Authority (PoA) implementations of Geth (Clique) and Parity (Aura) scale?

This paper addresses detail comparison of Aura, Clique and PBFT. The key difference in terms of latency according to this paper is : In Aura, each block proposal requires two message rounds: in the ...
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3 votes

parity TPS optimization - please help

I faced a similar problem a while ago, there was a bottleneck on the time it took transactions to reach the mempool, this was due to the way I was sending them and the fact that they were being signed ...
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