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2 votes gas_price does not exactly match value from transaction

The slight difference in the gas price values is likely due to timing differences when the data was fetched. Additionally, libraries like, web3.js, ethers.js, etc. provide the estimated gas ...
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2 votes

version problem in hardhat

This is due to the changes in hardhat-tools 3.0.0. Make the following changes deploy => deployContract - directly pass the contract name and not the factory. deployed => waitForDeployment Your ...
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2 votes

How to get detailed error message from Alchemy using ethersJS

If you're using ethers.js, you can use ethers-decode-error to handle the detailed error message in your frontend quite easily. Install ethers-decode-error: npm install ethers-decode-error --save And ...
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Sending hundreds of transactions every minute, TXs seem to get randomly stuck in mempool even after setting high gas

First of all, I'm wondering what you are building because it sounds potentially toxic but putting that aside....there is an annoying thing on web3 where if one transaction from an address gets stuck ...
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1 vote

How can I decode the output of the first call and use it to send a transaction?

Here's how you can do it, by decoding the response of the first transaction, and then fetching the necessary details from the same using regex. Then, using that info, send the second transaction. ...
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1 vote

Sepolia - stalled on waitForDeployment

Ok I've got it. The problem was the Alchemy RPC and once I switched to using a public one, specifically from it worked a treat....
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Set ERC20 token allowance for Smart Wallet Account

You can call ERC20 approve function can approve sudt cast limit , allowance is query cureent address approve. //call auth limit export const callAuthorizedLimit = async (accountAddress: ...
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