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Questions tagged [wallet-contracts]

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How to fix "Error: invalid transaction v, r, s values" when deploying a smart contract to a private blockchain?

Whenever I try to deploy a smart contract, I get an error that says "Error: invalid transaction v, r, s values". I'm using the following genesis JSON: { "config": { "...
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2 answers

Is there a plan / EIP for native multi-signature transactions?

We have a 2-of-3 multi-signature wallet contract which works fine. However, when sending to exchanges or wallets which use RPC calls (rather than contract events) to capture incoming transactions, ...
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1 answer

Move ERC20 tokens from Ethereum Wallet Contract to Account

In my Ethereum wallet, I am trying to access my wallet conract. If I sync in light mode and import the wallet contract address it just stays there displayed, greyed out and nothing happens, no matter ...
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Create a contract that can restrict the sale of the token in exchange

Possibility of create a contract that can restrict the sale of the token in exchange. Restrict by not selling all token only particular percentage of token. To make use of the major token in ...
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Can anyone freely call the `tokenFallback()` function in ERC223?

Since the function seems to always be implemented as public, can't an unfair user just call the tokenFallback() function of a receiver contract? That way one could let contracts believe that they ...
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Can we create a HD-Wallet with many sub-wallets but a single shared transfer()-method?

Can we create a HD-Wallet-Contract with a transfer()-method for specific business-logic and make it inheritable or shareable for sub wallets? Let's say we have this HD-Wallet and sum sub wallets that ...
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1 answer

Is it possible to create a smart contract from a multi sig smart contract wallet?

Is it possible to create a smart contract, for example a ERC-20 from a multi signature smart contract wallet?
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Queries regarding smart contract execution

I read in one of the answers as below - So when does smart contract code run? Lots of times, repeatedly and redundantly. By design. Smart contracts are if then - so if this is run repeatedly ...
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Contracts - a few starter questions

I'm tinkering with Ethereum tokens to & their associated contracts. I'm getting my head around all but want to clarify my understanding with you (posting here in the view that it will also be of ...
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3 answers

Ethereum Solidity Contracts w/ Fiat Money

Is there anyway to fix a price for a ERC20 token? It seems like a major problem with blockchain and crypto is all of the volatility, which is why I am hesitant to use it for applications even though ...
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Says Transaction not executed but the funds still went through

Mac Ethereum wallet says "transaction not executed" but the funds still went through: But my ...
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