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Can’t Install Eth-Brownie on Windows 10: pipx fails to build cytoolz, saying that "Microsoft Visual C++ 14.0 or greater is required"

Good evening! I'm going through the Free Code Camp Solidity/Blockchain tutorial and for the life of me, I cannot get Brownie to install properly. When I try and install through pipx I get the ...
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VS2015 Solidity Extension: BlockchainUser Error

I'm using Visual Studio 2015 with Solidity extension to build a dApp. I have created a sample project using the Smart Contract Project template and I'm trying to deploy the smart contract to my ...
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VS Code Syntax error when emitting events in Solidity 0.4.21

I'm having a syntax error in VS Code in the parts where I emit events using new notation for Solidity v0.4.21. Remix doesn’t raise any errors, though. My User Settings in VS Code contain "solidity....
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Unable to npm install web3 on Windows 10

I followed every thing on this page : Except step number 5 where my Node.js version is 8.10.0 instead of 8.10.2 ...
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How to configure Azure STRATO Blockchain LTS with Visual Studio?

I'm learning all about Blockchain but I wanted to make an example of smart contract, i followed this tutorial, but I can't find much about how to integrate Azure Strato Blockchain with my application ...
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No syntax highlight on Windows VisualStudio 2015 with Solidity extension

I'm trying to set up my smart contract environment with: * VS Enterprise 2015 * Solidity extension Everything installs fine but I don't get syntax highlight and I can't deploy contracts (Deployment ...
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Cannot connect to KeyServer for contract deployment from Visual Studio

I am following the instructions from ( to use the solidity extension (version through Visual ...
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Error: "message":"function \"Ballot\" arguments must include \"proposalNames\""}

I am trying below code to write Voting Contract referring to Solidity documentation pdf. Code compiles without error but I am getting below error while deploying. writing Ballot to app\meta\Ballot\...
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Cannot start bloc

I am still trying to set up Visual Studio for solidity development. I am following this tutorial: I have ...
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Building ethminer on Win7 using CMake & VS2015

I'm trying to build ethminer on a windows box and am Visual Studio 2015 fails. The steps that I take are the following: Download ethminer/cpp-ethereum and install dependencies using the command line ...
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Unable to use Solidity Visual Studio Extension

I've installed Solidity Extension in Visual Studio and then created a new project. All looked fine except that the sample files have a + on the left which indicates with a tooltip 'pending add': In ...
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How to install solidity in Visual Studio?

I see microsoft visual studio now supports solidity and smart contracts deployments. The release notes state: Creates project scaffolding with smart contract samples Supports context sensitive menus ...
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