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Is everything okay with this Presale contract?

Could you help me check if this presale contract does what it's supposed to do and if it's safe? I tried to find bugs or flaws but couldn't find anything. The theory is very simple: the user can use ...
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How signature verification works?

I have read that to sign a message we need the private key but in the below code snippet hasing is done in the 'getMessageHash' function and 'signing' is done in the 'getEthSignedMessageHash' function....
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Problem with veryfing contract

Hi I had my smart contract previously deployed and verified. However mythril warned me of floating pragma so I changed version explicitly to pragma solidity 0.8.1; I deployed it tot testnet using ...
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Signing a message which includes another signature

I'm trying to implement a commit-reveal scheme, where I also want to sign the input parameters to the Solidity function which commits the encrypted message. The signature verification of the input ...
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Why can't MetaMask "verify" a contract?

When interacting with smart contracts via MetaMask, what does it mean when the wallet tells you "We cannot verify this contract. Make sure you trust this address"? See an example of the ...
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How verify transaction data in zkrollups?

The stateroot transition is verified by witness (pre- and post- state root) and proof, but validators also should verify the transaction data which is proposed by operators. How can verify the ...
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Who "owns" a collection in OpenSea?

As of this question writing (Oct 2022), OpenSea on its website states : "Once your account is verified, any collection with at least 75 ETH of volume (or equivalent in SOL) will be eligible to be ...
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Verify multiple contracts with hardhat

I've been developing projects with multiple contracts, that all talk to each other. Is it possible to verify them all in a more effecient way? I have been doing this hh verify --network rinkeby <...
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