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How to create and use a moralis server in the newer version to listen to events?

I am following the blockchain tutorial by Patrick Collins. For the NFT Marketplace frontend, to listen to the events emitted, moralis server is to be used. This is the video with the required ...
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Error: error:0308010C:digital envelope routines::unsupported

I am facing this error while deploying my react application frontend for my dapp made with truffle on vercel. What to do to fix it? FYI: I am using node version 16.15.1 and react-scripts 3.2.0 [23:58:...
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How to deploy React Next (with Tailwind) app using Vercel? [closed]

I have created an app via React Next using Tailwind. Now I want to use Vercel to deploy it. What I tried > npm run build > now This, however does not work. Perhaps because the default build/ ...